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Velocity Aviation is owned and operated by Dave Shapiro. Dave became an aviation enthusiast at the age of 20 spending his spare time flying remote control planes, reading books about aviation, and going to the airport just to watch planes take off and land.

A few years later, the remote control planes and pages of the books just weren’t enough anymore. The passion had to be fulfilled so Dave found his way down to Gillespie field (KSEE) in San Diego, CA and learned to fly under Garrett Neal and Kenny Shepard of Rison Aviation. After years of flying and loving every minute of it, Dave felt he also wanted to pass his passion along to others the way that Kenny and Garrett had done for him, so he went on to study for his flight instructor certifications. Now, anytime he is free you’ll find him at the airport, even if he doesn’t have a student to fly with or isn’t up in his Yak-52 flying aerobatics, just so he can be around other pilots and talk shop. Feel free to go to the contacts page and reach out whether it be to learn about flying and flight school, or simply just to talk shop.

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Hello world!

Posted on 26. Mar, 2010 by Greg in Uncategorized

Welcome to the newly launched, Velocity Aviation.  Take a look around the site and feel to contact us with any questions or comments.  We’d love feedback and of course if you’re looking for any aviation related services we’d be happy to hear from you.

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